Alpian: No two alike campaign

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Alpian was founded with the vision of demystifying and democratizing private banking. Almost three years ago, Alpian partnered with Foundry to realise their vision of creating a new-age, digital private bank. We drew insights from the many months of collaboration, to craft the bank’s launch campaign.

How to build a brand


What sets Alpian apart from traditional banks and neobanks is the combination of intuitive technology and close, qualified wealth advisors. This allows them to consider each client’s unique personality and nuances when shaping their portfolios. Guaranteeing that each portfolio is individual. Even if two clients are as similar as twins, each one can pursue wealth in their own way.

Insight driven solution


Building on this insight, we created “No Two Alike”. We interviewed different pairs of identical twins from across Switzerland and found that even though they were identical in most ways, when it came to matters of wealth, they were anything but identical. 

“Everyone’s idea of wealth is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. From banking to long-term investing, the deeper you go, the more unique our perspectives really are.”


– Roman Balzan, CMO, Alpian

High quality & authenticity 


To bring the campaign to life, we worked with award-winning Swiss production house Stories. With Oscar-nominated director Mark Wilkins directing the films and acclaimed photographer Yves Bachmann leading the way, the campaign was in safe, capable hands. To give the films as authentic a flair as possible, no actors or models were cast. In addition, the film was made without a script, because it was meant to depict the twins’ actual opinions and attitudes. Shot as an interview, the films highlight the differences in the twins’ attitudes towards wealth and investment.

Targeted visibility


Along with a targeted approach over digital channels, more than 300 media placements across Switzerland were carefully selected to reach the right audience. Including the largest billboard in Switzerland.

“Banking will always exist, banks probably won’t. That sounds shocking at first, and – don’t get me wrong – I like good banks. But new solutions are needed and we will see banking in a very different way than we are traditionally used to.”

-Sacha Moser, Founder and CEO, Foundry.

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