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Since 1962, Atlanterra INMOBILIARIA has been carefully developing exclusive real estate in a privileged area located near the southern-most point of the Spanish coastline that bears the same name as its developer.

Besides selling and renting properties, Atlanterra INMOBILIARIA also offers top-notch advisory, design and construction services. 

When developing the area, the company is committed to the respectful treatment of the natural environment and the cultural wealth of the region.

We had the opportunity to develop a new corporate identity that reflects both the company’s professional expertise and the exclusivity of the neighborhood. 

We achieved this by borrowing elements that echo the luxurious appeal of the neighborhood itself and through the use a warm color palette inspired by Atlanterra’s surrounding landscape. The minimalist logo is a nod to the Atlanterra lighthouse. 

The new brand was created to express a sense of charisma that is unique in the real estate market.

In addition to the stationery, the new look and feel made its way to several billboards located in some of the busiest streets in the vicinity of the development.

A sleek, clean approach inspired by the architectural gems of the area, and a minimalistic and contemporary illustration style makes the Atlanterra brand stand out from its competitors.


At the core of the new identity is the brand’s online presence, which we were able to create and implement in its entirety.  The entire website has been designed to have an airier feel and a more intuitive user experience. 

Together, the art direction and the storytelling work hand-in-hand to convey the basic values of Atlanterra, its team and the region.

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