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FOUNDRY and BUMBLE spread the love throughout the streets of Berlin with a 360 campaign. With over 58 million users in 160 countries, Bumble is not only the fastest growing dating app today, but the first one of its kind where “women make the first move.”

We created a campaign specific to Berlin, where billboards were placed in strategically selected locations around the city.

At the core of the headline campaign are apt references targeted towards audiences between the ages of 18 and 35. The messages play to specific and local stereotypes of different Berlin neighborhoods while addressing such topics as dating, friendships, business and especially female empowerment.

In the following flights of the campaign more topics were touched in the headlines. Like the well-known and dreaded winter in Berlin. With kind messages we brought a bit of warmth to the Berliners.

In the hip area at Warschauer Straße we put up a huge mega-poster to address the sexy and smart people passing by.


Foundry was responsible for the entire media campaign which included making sure the billboards were placed in the most suitable locations in Berlin.

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