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Flaconi is an online shop that provides access to the vast world of beauty products to everyone no matter what their needs are. Its goal is to become the leading and most loved online beauty destination in Europe and its mission is to empower people to find their beauty everyday.

Our 360° campaign focuses on one key aspect of empowerment, which is that self-esteem is essential to gain appreciation from oneself and from others. This key insight is executed in the form of compliments.

We want to start a movement by spreading the message that nothing makes a person feel more beautiful than a genuine compliment. 

Each execution takes the typical beauty category product shot approach and gives it a twist by switching each product’s brand name with words that together read as an inspiring and motivating compliment.

At the heart of the campaign is our TV commercial made for Germany and Austria. Here too we expand on the topic by showing how compliments have a huge effect on everyone.

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