Schwarze Heidi


The Schwarze Heidi Fondue Hütte, located at the great Haubentaucher area in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, offers one of the best cheese fondues north of the Matterhorn. The owner of the restaurant, Jenifer Mulinde-Schmid, is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a well-known Swiss actress.

The Task

Foundry was given the opportunity to develop the website and communication strategy.


The website highlights the delights of this culinary triumph which is rather unknown to a lot of Germans.
A fresh design, cheeky text and mouthwatering snapshots lead the viewer to an interactive booking function.
The cheeky advertising campaign consists of posters, postcards and giveaways that deliberately play with funny clichés of Berlin and Swiss culture in order to trigger an appetite for this cheesy delight.

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