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Lime wants to be fun, to think big, to go wild. That’s all legit, but first we have to explain our product. Most people don’t know how to use the app, rent a scooter or drive safely. Foundry’s answer: an event before the event.

Haubentaucher Lime Poster

The Parade

We organized a huge scooter parade through the German capital, starting from different points and uniting them at one event location. At the starting points, instructors explained everything about Lime to the participants. After that, they had the opportunity to ride a Lime scooter and get the feeling.

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First Ride Parade
Haubentaucher Lime Poster
Lime facts

The Event

The successful parade was followed by the main event: The First Ride Festival by Lime. In the heart of Berlin, we organized a big Lime party with DJs, a lot of Lime scooters, cool drinks and snacks, a huge pool, and hundreds of people having fun.

haubentaucher lime
Lime helmets
Lime helmets 2
Lime Party

The Activities

At the First Ride Festival by Lime, we combined education with fun. Safety is a really important topic for Lime. So we dispense design helmets, and participants had the opportunity to get some cool individualizations by famous graffiti artists. On a training course, we give beginners the opportunity to learn how to drive the scooters.

Berlin was the first step of Lime’s mission, and there is more to come. Together with Foundry, the lime-green company is going to conquer the streets of Germany, and to unlock our lives.  

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Lime Events
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