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Together with SWISS we brought the Swiss Alps to London. At the Battersea Park’s Ski & Snowboard Festival, visitors had an exhilarating flying experience on flight simulators from the groundbreaking technology of Birdly®

The British capital is mostly flat, but by combining virtual reality, 3D audio, robotics and simulation technology, we brought the Alps to our fellow Londoners virtually within reach and presented Switzerland as an attractive travel destination.

Around 16,000 participants were able enjoy this full-body experience as they flew like birds – with their arms outstretched –through the majestic Swiss alpine landscape. There were no predefined routes as each flight was fully controlled by the person flying, thus making the experience unique to anyone and everyone. And there was a lot to discover: some saw a helicopter, others a hot air balloon, and even another SWISS Airbus A320.

Our guests enjoyed giveaways such as SWISS chocolate, winter hats, keychains and even SWISS flight vouchers. By taking part in the additional raffle – visitors were not only able to pass the time while waiting in line – but also secured the chance to win a flight to Switzerland including transport of ski and snowboard equipment.

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