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At FOUNDRY, we were deeply shaken by the overwhelming number of Syrian refugees reaching Germany, so we decided to take action. We organized a long-distance bicycle tour from Zurich to Berlin with the goal of generating donations to fund sustainable projects for refugees.

Drive4help 4

We developed a communication campaign to inspire and steadily grow a team of volunteers. EGO Movement provided all the wheels for the 900km journey from Zurich to Berlin.

Drive4help 3

The #drive4help campaign received a lot of media attention and we managed to go far beyond the 20,000 euro donation target.

EGO Movement provided all the wheels for the 900km
route from Zurich to Berlin.

Drive4help 2
Drive4help 5

As a result, we were able to support “Bicycles for Refugees” of the Berlin NGO Rückenwind, a project that helps refugees integrate by learning together with vol- unteers to repair old bicycles.

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