i-vest: Investing in yourself made easy

Demystifying the world of wealth is no easy task. But that’s exactly what Alpian, a Swiss digital private bank, set out to do. To help Alpian deliver on this promise, we built i-vest – a financial education hub that makes investing, personal finance and wealth management accessible, engaging and truly insightful.

Alpian empowers people to pursue true wealth with a state-of-the-art banking platform and guidance from seasoned investment advisors. It’s simple. It’s personal. It’s digital and it’s human. We channelled the same values to create i-vest.
i-vest in democratised wealth
Born from the idea that everyone should have the knowledge, resources and guidance to invest in what matters to them, i-vest aims to bridge the knowledge gap between interests, goals, personal values and wealth. With hundreds of articles, interviews, videos, social media content, a masterclass and a podcast, i-vest makes it easy for anyone to step into the world of wealth and investing.
i-vest in an editorial team
Building a content platform meant diving deep into the world of our clients to understand their perspectives on the ever-evolving financial world. It also meant keeping a finger on the pulse of the people. To do this, we formed an in-house editorial team with journalists, client partners and creatives that worked collaboratively to create relevant and timely content across 4 languages.
i-vest in an ecosystem
Today, i-vest is a hub where people can access jargon-free financial expertise from Alpian’s wealth advisory team, learn from a community of i-vestors (yes, we created a tribe!) and explore interests and trends to shape their worldview. In doing so, the platform gives visitors a holistic view of investing and helps them develop a link between the world of investing and the world that they want to create.

i-vest Kitchen Table

What better place for an intimate discussion on the nuances of wealth? i-vest Kitchen Table is a podcast hosted by financial expert Olga Miler, that explores the meaning of financial freedom and true wealth as defined by guests from all walks of life. Listen here


The tribe of i-vestors are those who invest in their values and ambitions. And often, the results speak for themselves. i-vestories is a collection of their stories, highlighting their pursuit of wealth and their journey to success. See i-vestory

Masterclass Series

A two-season email series that decodes the fundamental principles of investment. From the building blocks, all the way to building an investment strategy, the Masterclass brings jargon-free investment expertise right to inboxes every day. See masterclass


In the financial world, complicated terms and unknown acronyms are almost inescapable. But what if we could make these terms and phrases easy to understand? With simple definitions and examples, the i-vest Glossary makes it easy to grow a financial vocabulary. See glossary


To bring financial wellness into our i-vestors’ everyday lives, we conceptualised and designed a newsletter that brings them the best content from the platform in an easily browsable format.




A key mission of the platform was to connect the expertise of Alpian’s financial advisors with the issues and challenges faced by the community of i-vestors. With live-streamed panel discussions and events, the i-vest community get a chance to interact directly with the experts. See event

i-vest in identity
To complement the accessibility of the content, we took a visual approach led by custom-made illustrations. This gave us the freedom to distil abstract topics into striking visuals that worked across the website and social media platforms. In the process, it gave i-vest a distinct look and tone that appealed to a new generation of investors.

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