Corporate Identity / Digital 

Inno4Spine is a medical think tank that specializes in spinal and musculoskeletal surgery. The company offers a platform for all topics related to spine surgery, technology and health – plus services in the fields of surgical implants, surgical instruments, digital solutions, process optimization and patient safety.

Foundry was tasked with creating the brand’s corporate identity and website from scratch.

After extensive research and positioning, a brand was developed that does pioneering work in health solutions for its patents. The design is as modern, clear and human as the company itself. The logo emphasizes the idea of innovation and has a clearly futuristic touch.

The color palette signals the medical context with green – and is completed and supplemented by a light, pleasant silver-gray. Silver foils and natural papers with blind embossing were also used for printed matter.

The typography is noble and high quality, but not fancy. The very modern and at the same time technical font Frequency is used as the main font. 

Baskerville was chosen for continuous copy. This classic font gives the typography a human and trusting touch.

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