swisspartners 25 years

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Foundry helps SWISSPARTNERS celebrate its 25th anniversary by crafting stories about the true values of the firm. We collaborated with four exceptional artists and gave them freedom to interpret each value/story in their own unique style.


“Practicing like we have never won. Performing like we have never lost.”

About the animator – Martin Allais

Martin Allais is a strong all-round visual artist, illustrator, animator and director. His work is full of originality and uses a mixture of diverse techniques. Experimentation and playfulness are key elements in his work. In 2013 Martin founded Animal Studio, an animation production company based in Barcelona, and is currently represented as a director by 1stAveMachine.

“We believe trust is earned when actions meet words.”

About the animator – ERIK RIGHETTI

Erik is an Artist by trade. Born and raised in the beautiful Italian city of Verona, he studied fine arts in Florence. Learning from the very best he soon realized that he’d rather draw and animate 24 images per second than spend months of work on a single painting. His work is humorous and colorful, yet subtle and refined. When he’s not working you’ll most likely find him riding on his light blue Vespa or climbing a mountain in the Alps.


“We believe mutual trust and cooperation is the basis for a prosperous relationship.”

About the animator – WALKINGFRAMES

Walkingframes was founded in 2011 by Zurich-based director duo Mónica Santana and Julian Amacker. Their tender way of seeing people and the world is reflected in the affectionate stories they tell by means of clever analogies, subtle humor and a unique and sophisticated sense of aesthetics. For their elaborate productions they use various techniques and materials. The way they combine artisanship with digital technologies makes for a fascinating tension.


“Individuality is much more than just a word. It is all the stories that grow with that word.”


About the animators – IAMONO

Formed in Berlin in 2017, the design-driven director duo, IAM ONO, creates handcrafted, three-dimensional worlds that trigger all senses. Inspired by architecture, nature and art, their characteristically contemporary creations show a highly modernist view of the world. They combine diverse materials, shapes, innovative textures and energetic colors. And turn everyday substances like wood, fabric or acrylic into highly original sculptural artworks to create fascinating moving and still images.

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