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How can you make a visit to the dentist less scary? 

vonWeydlich is a modern dentist office from the little village of Wallisellen in Zürich, Switzerland. Here goes a text with a short introduction about the praxis and about how Yves reached to us in search for a creative solution to his digital presence.

We created a brand new website with a clean and friendly look. We put a strong focus on illustration in order to communicate in a simple way the complex services that vonWeydlich has to offer.

We created a dedicated kids corner with fun and educational videos and games about dental hygiene. Inspired by the modern look of Yves’ office, here goes a text about the “astro-tooth” mascot and space trips storytelling.

Here goes a text about the concept of the “Smile Gallery” and how we engage people in promoting vonWeydlich on social media for a good cause (Yves will donate a certain amount to a dentist association for each photo shared with the hashtag “vonWeydlich”.

Smile Gallery dentist website
Smile Gallery dentist website
Smile Gallery dentist website

Here we talk a bit about the expats page and the good cause from the Smile Gallery, emphasising on the brand strategy.

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