We won the German Brand Award

We are so thrilled and excited to have won the German Brand Award 2018.


Foundry just won at the German Brand Award in the category of “Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management & Creation“. This marks an important milestone in our successful cooperation with our client-partner PŸUR.

With more than 1,200 submitted entries from various companies, agencies and service providers, FOUNDRY with its passionate team managed to grab this prestigious award and all the attention and headlines it came for our work on PŸUR.

We are so honored and humbled by the award and we are looking forward to creating more creative work for our clients and win the next year’s nomination.

German Design Awards Winner Foundry
Sacha Moser in GDA ceremony
GDA Winner
Jonas Wolf and Sacha Moser at GDA ceremony

And lastly, a big thanks to the wonderful team at Tele Columbus, PŸUR and our partners Cocomore AG, Turnleaf, VIM Group NL and TPMarketing

Continue reading on our work on PŸUR here.

And see what the press is saying about us here.

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