Shriya’s internship @ Foundry, Berlin

I spent six months with one of the coolest agencies on the face of this planet. Here’s how it went.

*cue tiktok music*

1. A dating app matched me with a creative agency?

I came across Foundry while doing some research for an assignment about mobile apps and visual culture around the world. I was curious about the agency that worked on one of Bumble’s campaigns, and a little research led me to Foundry!

2. Work:

Apart from completing a mandatory internship for my university, my aim was to be part of a fast-paced, challenging, and diverse work environment- while, of course, making epic stuff. I was given a variety of tasks to work on, and was able to look into how a brand is built, launched, maintained, and transformed. I received detailed, constructive feedback, and with each task, learnt to train my eye better, and adapt to the visual language of the client whose project I was working on.

3. First we take Mumbai… then we take Berlin

 I began my internship in Mumbai, and while I was no stranger to remote work, it took me a short while to get acquainted with the time difference and workflow. My mentor, along with my colleagues, guided me through my tasks, and helped me out with any questions I had. Despite the 6,300 kilometres between me and the tribe, it always felt like we were all from the same digital neighbourhood.

Soon enough, it was time to cross those 6,300 kilometres and make my way to Blücherstraße.

Once I met everyone (as three-dimensional humans, not just digital entities, composed of pixels), I felt at home right away.

4. Client-partners

I had the opportunity to work on projects for a variety of clients, in different areas of business. I also had the chance to get a detailed look into past work from the agency, through the creation of case study pages for the website.

5. Colleague-besties

I felt at home within minutes of reaching Berlin. Foundry resembles a warm, diverse, and collaborative community more than a corporate office, and everyone is approachable, supportive, and friendly. I always had help with complex government paperwork, digital design tools, apartment-hunting, replacing a broken phone, or even finding the best places to go shopping (It has been really cool to move to a new city and work with people I look up to, and constantly draw inspiration from).

6. What I take with me

 The Branding and Advertising worlds meet in a very dynamic, competitive, and exciting space, and interning with Foundry allowed me to be right at this point of confluence. I felt like a full member of the team, and had the opportunity to work on vital client projects, and pitches. My time with the tribe gave me the chance to observe the workings of an international creative agency first hand, and it’s been an experience I’ve had innumerable learnings from. 

About me

I’m Shriya Sista, 22 years old. I’m a student of communication design at the National Institute of Design, India. After graduating, I aim to work at the intersection of branding, design, and strategy.

Or maybe I’ll join a power metal band that sings exclusively about marine wildlife.

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