FOUNDRY scores
a quadruple hat-trick at the
German Brand Awards 2020

So, what is a quadruple hat-trick? We’re glad you asked. For the third year in a row, FOUNDRY made a splash at the German Brand Awards taking home four of the highest honours. This makes the Berlin-based creative agency with offices in Zurich and New York one of the biggest winners of Germany’s highest ranked brand awards.

FOUNDRY’s holistic campaign “Unlock Life”, for global e-scooter and bike rental service, Lime, won the prestigious “Best of the Best” award, receiving “Brand Effect of the Year” in the “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation“. It also won Gold in the category “Brand Communication – Ambient Media & Outdoor Advertising“.

The strategic brand offensive, “#empoweringbeauty“, for Flaconi was also awarded twice as “Winner” in the categories “Brand Communication – Ambient Media & Outdoor Advertising” and “Brand Strategy of the Year“.

E-scooters are the micro-mobility trend of the hour, but also probably the most competitive market segment of urban mobility. The coherent attitude campaign for Lime establishes a connection between social commitment, personal freedom and individual mobility. In addition to the campaign motifs, the topic of safety driving training is also given high priority. “Unlock Life” credibly demonstrates how Lime goes beyond its stand on CO2-neutral micro-mobility and sharing to create a truly unique proposition.


“And let’s be honest: The launch of the e-scooters last year was faced with major challenges,” says Sacha Moser, agency founder of FOUNDRY. “While the German authorities were quick to approve and implement the first rules for e-scooters, all the naggers quickly had a new favourite topic. If the car, the bicycle or even the railways had only had six months to be launched, we would still be sitting on donkeys today. But with intensive communication work and action, we were able to quickly establish a constructive dialogue with partners and increase acceptance for urgently needed innovations in the field of mobility in urban environments.”

Find out more about the Lime Case here.

Making a mark in the intensely competitive beauty market was another big achievement for FOUNDRY this year. While most online beauty shops in Germany and Europe positioned themselves around unattainable beauty ideals and drastic discounts, Flaconi, with FOUNDRY’s creative support, developed a new strategic brand positioning. With the #empoweringbeauty” campaign, Flaconi encouraged all people to be beautiful.

In a wide, integrated campaign, Flaconi challenged and promoted self-confidence all without models and exaggerated beauty ideals. The campaign used the one magical beauty ingredient that works wonders for all people: a real compliment. “With the aim of building a deeper, emotional relationship with customers, the new brand orientation focuses on the customer and the awareness of one’s own beauty. This attitude is reflected in the new tagline, ‘Find your beauty. Everyday.’ Our mission is to help people discover their own beauty every day anew to remain true to themselves and express their self-confidence,” says Sacha Moser.

The winners of the German Brand Award were honoured for the fifth time on 18 June 2020. The competition presents the most innovative brand appearances and creative campaigns. The initiator of the brand award is the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag.

“We are very proud and happy about such a success,” says Sacha Moser. “When everyone, the team, our partners and our customers work together successfully, great results are also possible. Awards like these are then the icing on the cake for all our work. Besides, we now know what a quadruple hat-trick is.”

You can read more about the Flaconi Case on our website here.

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