Foundry trip

Foundry goes Hamburger Bahnhof Museum

Museums are some of the best places on Earth. You can find so many inspiration covering different topics, that it is always possible to find your place or that little piece of art or history that you just needed to see in your life.

Staying curious inspires creativity. Thanks to Staatliche Museen zu Berlin for an inspiring afternoon and refreshing FOUNDRY tour at Hamburger Bahnhof Museum. Fat, felt and fiction by Joseph Beuys, Brain Demons by Agnieszka Polska, Balls by Jeff Koons, endless dance by Marina Abramovic and many more.
The exhibition is still open until September 2019. If you are in Berlin, definitely this is a place you need to visit, just if it’s about modern art and the National Gallery is also located nearby too, would be a good combination to visit as well. 
We all had so much fun and we are planning to make it a regular habit to visit more places.
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